Nature of Healing is not open to the public.

Tribal Membership Information

Nature of Healing is a Division of the Turtle Island Network. The Turtle Island Network licenses providers, clinics, and universities. We practice monastic (traditional, indigenous, monastic and (natural) holistic medicine.

The Providers and Turtle Healing Centers are a private, “members only” and not open to the public. Memberships are a requirement.

Annual individual and family membership: $35 the first year, $5 thereafter.

Benefits For My Clients to Become Members:

  • Access to receive products and/or services to the healing center under which they sign up.
  • Ability to choose to receive services and modalities not often covered by traditional allopathic (medical) clinics.
  • All member records are kept confidential. Other agencies are not allowed access.
  • All consultations and protocols can be tax-deductible.

Initial Consult

First apt: $160 Assessment with 8-week Custom Health Protocol, plus one-time $35 Tribal family membership or $5 individual pass per visit.

Follow-up Consult

Follow-up appts: $160 Assessment with 8-week Custom Health Plan, $95 thereafter

Family Discount

20% discount for initial consult for additional family members