Heal yourself by coming into alignment using Body • Mind • Spirit Medicine

One hour sessions via Phone, Zoom, or Skype

Come into alignment by connecting the dots of your life and reclaim your power.

Utilize one or more the following concepts:

  • Grounding and Centering Techniques
  • Learn Deep Breathing Exercises to Help Your Relax Anywhere
  • Create Energy Boundaries
  • Understand and Practice Living in Alignment
  • Discover Your Passion in Life
  • Release Resistance to Allow To Allow Gifts to Flow to You
  • Rebuild Relationships
  • Restore Flow
  • Self-love Techniques Using Yoga

E-Motion is Energy In Motion

What you create in your life does not come from anyone else’s energy. Your reality comes from your energy. While words resonate energy, it is your emotions that are the sum total of your wealth as a creator. There are no good or bad, or right or wrong choices. There is only your choice and the consequences of that choice. You are in control so modulating emotions is key.

Be courageous! Accept your true nature if you dare! If you don’t care for your emotions why should anyone else?